Strangest Man

Farewell Bohr’s hierophant
Finn Aaserud

Finn Aaserud, former Director of the Neils Bohr Archive

Finn Aaserud has done more than anyone in the past fifty years to illuminate the memory of the most revered Danish theoretical physicist of the twentieth century. Following Finn’s recent retirement, dozens of colleagues and peers gathered on Monday afternoon last week to thank him for his great service and to wish him well for the future.

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Copenhagen, Denmark

Graham will be talking at the event celebrating the achievement of the recently-retired former director of the Niels Bohr Archive, Finn Aaserud

RIP a great Diracian

‘He was probably the most influential person of my life’, Graham said during his remarks at the funeral of the quantum mechanic John Bendall this week (Order of Service (PDF)). Bendall was the mathematical physicist who first introduced the fourteen-year-old Graham to the work of Paul Dirac, as Graham described in The Strangest Man (page 420).

‘If I had to pick one event that changed the course of my life’, Graham said, ‘it was when John opened the door of his house and we began to talk.’

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Rehevot, Israel

Graham will be giving a talk ‘Paul Dirac – the theorist’s theorist’ at the Weizmann Institute on 8 December 2016 at 11.15.

‘The Strangest Man’ published in German

Graham’s biography of the theoretical physicist Paul Dirac has been published in German, with a specially-written foreword that focuses on Dirac’s relationship with Germany and its language. Graham says: ‘I am delighted that the book has been published by Springer in Germany, and hope the translation will make my account of Dirac’s life accessible to new audiences.’ The publication of this new edition, widely welcomed, is due in large part to the initiative of the physicist Ali Sanayei, at the University of Hamburg..

The Strangest Man German Edn
The Strangest Man
Cover of German Edition

Ali reflects on why he wanted to see the book published in German, Dirac’s third language.

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St Andrews University

Graham will be talking about the writing of his biography of Paul Dirac at the conference celebrating mathematical biography at the University of St Andrews, Scotland.

Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey, USA

Graham will give a lecture on ‘Paul Dirac—the theorist’s theorist’ at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey. Details available here.

Beautiful Equations

Jim Al-Khalil’s entertaining Radio 4 programme The Beauty of Equations is now available on BBC iPlayer Radio.

Left to right, producer Deborah Cohen, Graham and presenter Jim Al-Khalili

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KITP, Santa Barbara

Graham will be giving a lunchtime talk ‘Paul Dirac – the theorist’s theorist’ Events Program here

Aldeburgh, UK

Graham will be talking about The Strangest Man at the famous literary festival. Details to come here.