'This terrific book' Lawrence Freedman
Foreign Affairs
‘the best thing I’ve read this year’ Lisa Jardine
'As good as The Strangest Man' Ian Thomson
Daily Telegraph
'This dazzling book' Piers Brendon
'Remarkable and important' Claire Tomalin
'Superbly readable' Max Hastings
Sunday Times
'Superbly informative' Antoine Capet
'Terrific' Michael Frayn
'Enthralling' Norman Dombey
'Entertaining' Physics Today
'Very fine' Peter Forbes
'Superbly written' Paul Addison
Literary Review
'Engrossing' Nicholas Mancusi
Daily Beast
‘Splendid and original’ Bill Purdue
‘Fresh & compelling ... a page-turner’ The Scotsman
'Written with
all of Farmelo’s characteristic rigour and panache’
Brian Cathcart
offers a fresh history of the development of atomic weapons’
Mary Jo Nye
'What a fantastic, compelling book!' Sir Michael Berry
'A fine work' Nicholas Sambaluk
West Point
'Enthralling' New Scientist
'... gave me the intensest pleasure' @stephenfry
'wonderful and sensitive' Oliver Sacks
‘A major achievement’ Peter Higgs
The Times
‘Farmelo does Dirac proud’ Martin Rees
‘This biography is a gift’ Louisa Gilder