'Fascinating and elegantly written' Manjit Kumar
'I am overcome with admiration for its range and profundity.' Michael Frayn
‘Superbly written, riveting’ Martin Rees
'Masterful, riveting' Nima Arkani-Hamed
IAS Princeton
'Brilliant book' @marcuschown
'A wonderful book' Tom Stoppard
'Entertaining' Nature Physics
'Excellently researched' Thony Christie
a.k.a. @rmathematicus
'Entertaining and extraordinarily well-informed' Roger Highfield
Science Museum
‘… An amazing achievement’ Michael Frayn
'A must-read for physicists and mathematicians' Jacob Bourjaily
Niels Bohr IA
‘A tour de force’ David Forfar
Clerk Maxwell Foundation
'Excellent' Chris Quigg
'Enjoyable and important ... Read it!' Simon Cocking
'Enthralling' New Scientist
'... gave me the intensest pleasure' @stephenfry
'wonderful and sensitive' Oliver Sacks
‘A major achievement’ Peter Higgs
The Times
‘Farmelo does Dirac proud’ Martin Rees
‘This biography is a gift’ Louisa Gilder