26 July 2021

Remembering Steven Weinberg

‘The greatest living theoretical physicist’ – many commentators in the past few decades have described Steven Weinberg in such terms. ….

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Weinberg summer 2017

28 November 2020

Penrose eNobeled

No human alive has done more than Roger Penrose has done more to enrich our understanding of black holes, an achievement that deservedly won him the lion’s share of the 2020 Nobel Prize in physics. In this article ….

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image of Roger Penrose

02 April 2020

Phil Anderson: ‘The Universe Speaks in Numbers’ podcast

Phil Anderson was one of the most creative theoretical physicists of the past century. A specialist in the science of solids, he made influential contributions to our understanding of magnetism, discovered the important phenomenon of Anderson localisation (the absence of diffusion waves in disordered media).

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02 March 2020

Remembering Freeman

In the past fifteen years, I had dozens of lunches with Freeman and I can remember every single one of them. They were so entertaining, and such an education, that I made notes about each of them. He was always quiet- spoken, direct and – unlike most scientific celebrities of his stature – as content to listen as to talk.

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photo of Freeman Dyson in his office, taken on 11 June 2019
Freeman Dyson in his office, 11 June 2019