The authorised biography of Stephen Hawking

Graham’s next book will be the authorised biography of Stephen Hawking, publisher John Murray announced today.

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The life and career of Lise Meitner, a pioneer of nuclear physics, was celebrated in a day of events at Churchill College Cambridge on 28 January. The symposium comprised three sessions – including one chaired by Graham – and, after dinner, a performance of the play ‘Curie_Meitner_Lamarr_Indivisible’.

Lise Meitner
painting of Lise Meitner by Sir Roy Calne

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‘The Universe Speaks in Numbers’ to be published in May 2019

Graham’s publishers in the UK, Faber, announced last Friday that they will be publishing his next book in early May 2019. Basic Books will publish it a few weeks later in the U.S. and Canada. Graham said: ‘It will be good to see the book in the stores, five years after I conceived it.’

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Churchill College, Cambridge, UK

Graham will be giving a talk ‘John Cockcroft – the quiet visionary’ as part of an afternoon of reflections and celebrations of life of Sir John at Churchill College, Cambridge.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Graham will be talking at the event celebrating the achievement of the recently-retired former director of the Niels Bohr Archive, Finn Aaserud

‘Ten Commandments’ of Communicating Physics



Imperial College physicist Jess Wade has done of a brilliant job of graphically rendering Graham’s Ten Commandments, which he presented yesterday at the Institute of Physics’ headquarters in London.

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London, UK

Graham will be the keynote speaker and guest judge at the London final of the Institute of Physics’s Early Career Physics Communicator Award.

Newcastle, UK

Graham will be talking onstage with Peter Higgs about the Nobel laureate’s life, the development of the Standard Model and his thoughts on the future of fundamental physics. More information.

Remembering Harry Kroto

The chemist Harry Kroto, co-discoverer of buckminsterfullerene, died in East Sussex on 30 April and his funeral took place on 19 May. Graham knew Harry well, and remembers fondly a fine chemist, an inspirational communicator, and a good friend.

Portrait of Harry
Portrait of Harry on the cover of the funeral proceedings

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At the Perimeter

p>Graham spent the past week at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Canada, as a guest of its Director Neil Turok, talking with several of its leading theoreticians. This was part of Graham’s research for his forthcoming book on the relationship between mathematics and fundamental physics, which Einstein called ‘miraculous’. For Paul Dirac, theoreticians who work on fundamental physics should regard mathematical beauty as their lodestar.

Perimeter Institute
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