Churchill’s Bomb

Talking Bohr and the Bomb in Copenhagen

In the famous lecture of the Niels Bohr Institute, Graham gave a talk on 4th June about Winston Churchill, his nuclear scientists and the Bomb.

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Niels Bohr Institute
Churchill Day at Blenheim Palace

At a festival of Churchill-related events at this birthplace, Blenheim Palace, Graham yesterday gave a talk Was Churchill a Nuclear Visionary?, chaired by the distinguished astrophysicist, Alex Boksenberg.

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Professor Alex Boksenberg
Professor Alex Boksenberg (left) with Graham
Blenheim Palace, UK

Graham will be asking Was Winston Churchill a Nuclear Visionary? at the celebrations of Churchill’s life at his birthplace, as part of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust’s Fellows’ Day programme.

Niels Bohr Archive, Copenhagen

Graham will be talking to about Churchill, his scientists and the Bomb in an event organised in collaboration with the Niels Bohr Academy.

Wells and the Bomb

On Wednesday, presenter Samira Ahmed began recording the forthcoming radio programme Mr Wells and the H-bomb, to be broadcast on Radio 3 in the summer.

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recording Mr Wells and the H-bomb
Graham, Samira Ahmed and Michael Sherborne
Cambridge, UK

At the Cambridge Science Festival, Graham will be in the ‘Meet the Author’ panel, organised by the Cambridge Society for the Application of Research (CSAR). Details will be available here.

Remodelled Dirac Science Library opened at FSU

Last Thursday evening, the remodelled Dirac Science Library at Florida State University was formally opened, with Graham as guest speaker at the ceremony. The Library, first opened in 1989 by Dirac’s wife Manci, now has 250 additional seats and a host of new facilities, including large wireless displays for collaborative work, a high-quality recording studio, nineteen study rooms and a spacious new Starbucks.

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FSU Feb 2015: Julia Zimmerman (right), Katie McCormick (left) with Graham
Graham with Julia Zimmerman, Dean of University Libraries at FSU (right) and Katie McCormick, Associate Dean for Special Collections and Archives (left)
Churchill’s Bomb is The Observer’s paperback of the week

The spy Klaus Fuchs is features strongly in Alexander Larman’s review of Graham’s latest book in this week’s Observer feature ‘Paperback of the week’.

Klaus Fuchs
Los Alamos Photo ID Badge

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Florida State University

Graham will give a talk on ‘Winston Churchill – the first politician to be a nuclear visionary?’ at the University’s Museum of Fine Arts. Details to follow here.

Churchill’s Bomb twice named as one of the best books of 2014

Sir Lawrence Freedman, Professor of War Studies, Kings College London, has selected Graham’s latest book as one of the best three books on military, scientific and technological themes in 2014.
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Churchill's Bomb Cover