Churchill’s Bomb on BBC Radio

Graham’s latest book will be featured in two BBC Radio documentaries this week.

The first programme, HG and H-Bomb, was produced by Simon Guerrier and will be broadcast on Radio 3, Sunday 5 July, at 18:45 BST, its focus is on HG Well’s role in imagining the first nuclear weapon, as presenter Samira Ahmed discusses in this article for BBC’s on-line Magazine.

The second programme, Destroyer of Worlds, is about the US-UK nuclear collaboration in the Second World War, and will be broadcast on Radio 4, at 20.00 BST, on Saturday 11 July. Produced by Kati Whitaker, it will be presented by Frank Close, author of the recent book on Klaus Fuchs, Half-Life.

Both programmes will be available afterwards on the excellent BBC iPlayer.