Art of Explaining

Graham was on stage in Berlin on Monday evening with Freeman Dyson, Canadian biographer Siobhan Roberts and Russian film-maker Ekaterina Eremenko to discuss ‘The Art of Explaining’. Chaired by the physicist Jochen Bruening, the panel talked about some of the ways of presenting science and mathematics to non-specialist audiences. In a Tweet afterwards, Siobhan summarised the gist of the conclusion: ‘Freeman Dyson is anti-explaining & pro-storytelling’ – Freeman was not alone.

One member of the audience left the proceedings disappointed . He had said to Graham beforehand: ‘I’ve always wanted to understand how his vacuum cleaner works.’

The Art of Explaining
Panel at the Restaurant Alpenstueck after their discussion: (left to right) Jochen Bruening, Freeman Dyson, Ekaterina Eremenko, Siobhan Roberts and Graham.