A Dirac returns to Caltech

Dirac’s younger daughter Monica visited Caltech as the guest of the physics department, sixty nine years after her father paid his momentous visit to the institution. Monica attended Graham’s colloquium Paul Dirac: the theorist’s theorist, answered a few questions about her family life and posed for photos with audience members. She was delighted to stay in the Athenaeum’s most lavish rooms, the Einstein suite.

Monica Dirac with Graham at Caltech's Athenaeum, Dec 2014
Monica Dirac with Graham at Caltech’s Athenaeum


Dirac at Caltech
Dirac in Caltech with Robert Millikan (centre) and Robert Oppenheimer (RHS), May or early June 1935. Oppenheimer was Dirac’s host and chauffeur during this stay in California.

Graham was visiting Caltech mainly to participate in the workshop Grassmanian Geometry of Scattering Amplitudes, a subject that will feature in his next book, on pure mathematics and physics.