‘The Universe Speaks in Numbers’ – Susskind podcast


Leonard Susskind lecturing in front of a blackboard

Black holes have become one of the liveliest areas of research into theoretical physics. By thinking about these cosmic objects, using quantum theory and relativity, theorists are clarifying our understanding of information, gravity and the other fundamental forces of nature. Stanford University’s Lenny Susskind is one of the leaders in this field. In this lively interview, he describes how he made the transition from plumbing to particle physics, and why theoretical physics is now so exciting.

This is one of some twenty interviews, now available as a podcast on iTunes and other platforms, given by world-class experts to Graham on the themes he explores in his new book The Universe Speaks in Numbers.

Another interview, available as a podcast, will be posted in two weeks’ time.

Other interviewees in the series have included Michael Atiyah, Simon Donaldson, Freeman Dyson, Val Gibson, Juan Maldacena, Michela Massimi, Roger Penrose, Simon Schaffer and Edward Witten.