02 January 2020

Martin Rees: ‘The Universe Speaks in Numbers’ podcast

Martin Rees, a former President of the Royal Society, is one of the most accomplished cosmologists of the past half-century. ….

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Photograph of Lord Rees of Ludlow Martin Rees

12 December 2019

Karen Uhlenbeck: ‘The Universe Speaks in Numbers’ Podcast

Karen Uhlenbeck, one of the most accomplished mathematicians of the past fifty years, belatedly won the Abel Prize in 2019. …..

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photo of Karen Uhlenbeck stood in front of a blackboard with Yang-Mills equations” width=
Uhlenbeck (2019) credit Andrea Kane
28 November 2019

Steven Weinberg: ‘The Universe Speaks in Numbers’ podcast

Steven Weinberg is perhaps the world’s most accomplished physicist. In dozens of brilliant contributions, he has shed light on all four fundamental forces of nature and is also a brilliant commentator on physics and its place in culture. …

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27 October 2014
07 November 2019

Zohar Komargodski: ‘The Universe Speaks in Numbers’ podcast

Based at the Simons Center at Stony Brook, Zohar Komargodski is one of the most brilliant young theoretical physicists. ….

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Stony Brook, NY; Stony Brook University: Zohar Komargodski – Professor (Simons Center for Geometry and Physics), Ph.D., Weizmann Institute was awarded the 2018 Sackler Prize in the Physical Sciences