07 November 2019

Zohar Komargodski: ‘The Universe Speaks in Numbers’ podcast

Based at the Simons Center at Stony Brook, Zohar Komargodski is one of the most brilliant young theoretical physicists. ….

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Stony Brook, NY; Stony Brook University: Zohar Komargodski – Professor (Simons Center for Geometry and Physics), Ph.D., Weizmann Institute was awarded the 2018 Sackler Prize in the Physical Sciences

24 October 2019

Simon Donaldson: ‘The Universe Speaks in Numbers’ podcast

Sir Simon Donaldson is one of the most accomplished mathematicians of the past fifty years. He did made some of his most influential research when he was developing gauge theories, ….

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10 October 2019

Douglas Stanford and Pedro Vieira: ‘The Universe Speaks in Numbers’ interviews

Douglas Stanford and Pedro Vieira are two of the most brilliant young theoretical physicists, both seeking to understand nature at its finest level.

Douglas Stanford

Pedro Vieira

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27 September 2019

The authorised biography of Stephen Hawking

Graham’s next book will be the authorised biography of Stephen Hawking, publisher John Murray announced today.

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