27 September 2015


Graham this week realised a long-held ambition of meeting one of the few heroes of social media, Steve Silberman, once described by Graham as the ‘Roger Federer of Tweeting’. Long a prominent journalist, @stevesilberman is an authentic star of Twitter and has recently published NeuroTribes, his new perspective on autism, currently riding high in the New York Times best-sellers list. Recently, the book was long-listed for this year’s Samuel Johnson Prize for non-fiction.

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graham and steve silberman cr
Steve Silberman (RHS) with Graham in London
06 August 2015

70 years after Hiroshima

The Daily Telegraph published this article by Graham today, seventy years after the first use of a nuclear weapon.

Hiroshima Bomb Mushroom Cloud

The Atomic Bomb Explosion over Hiroshima. Photo: US Army

01 August 2015

Is nature a work of art?

In today’s Guardian, Graham reviews A Beautiful Question, the latest book by the great American theoretical physicist Frank Wilczek, based at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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A Beautiful Question cover

04 July 2015

Churchill’s Bomb on BBC Radio

Graham’s latest book will be featured in two BBC Radio documentaries this week.

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