06 August 2015

70 years after Hiroshima

The Daily Telegraph published this article by Graham today, seventy years after the first use of a nuclear weapon.

Hiroshima Bomb Mushroom Cloud

The Atomic Bomb Explosion over Hiroshima. Photo: US Army

01 August 2015

Is nature a work of art?

In today’s Guardian, Graham reviews A Beautiful Question, the latest book by the great American theoretical physicist Frank Wilczek, based at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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A Beautiful Question cover

04 July 2015

Churchill’s Bomb on BBC Radio

Graham’s latest book will be featured in two BBC Radio documentaries this week.

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11 June 2015

Talking Bohr and the Bomb in Copenhagen

In the famous lecture of the Niels Bohr Institute, Graham gave a talk on 4th June about Winston Churchill, his nuclear scientists and the Bomb.

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Niels Bohr Institute