26 September 2014


At the Oxford Mathematical Institute this week, physicists and mathematicians have been celebrating the 65th birthday of Andrew Hodges, pioneer of twistor diagrams and biographer of Alan Turing. Graham attended the meeting, titled New geometric structures in scattering amplitudes, organised in collaboration with the Clay Mathematics Institute and the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

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Andrew Hodges

Andrew Hodges

06 September 2014

Remembering the Clement Attlee of nuclear science

Graham will be speaking at an international gathering on 18 and 19 September to celebrate the life and legacy of Sir John Cockcroft.

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Sir John Cockroft

21 August 2014

At the Edinburgh Book Festival

Graham appeared onstage today with Taylor Downing, author of the fine Secret Warriors. In the audience was Peter Higgs, co-winner of last year’s Nobel Prize for physics. Over lunch with Graham beforehand, Peter said that he was now making progress with his aim ‘to retire from retirement’.

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Book signing

17 July 2014

The Strangest Man published in Turkish

Graham’s biography of Dirac has now been published in Turkish.

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