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Churchill Day at Blenheim Palace

At a festival of Churchill-related events at this birthplace, Blenheim Palace, Graham yesterday gave a talk Was Churchill a Nuclear Visionary?, chaired by the distinguished astrophysicist, Alex Boksenberg.

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Professor Alex Boksenberg
Professor Alex Boksenberg (left) with Graham
Kavli’s writer in residence

Graham has recently left the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics at University of California having spent the past six weeks as its writer in residence. He was able to attend the workshops on quantum gravity and quantum entanglement, and to interview several physicists, including Nobel prize winner David Gross, Breakthrough Prize winner Juan Maldacena, Eva Silverstein and Steve Giddings.

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Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics
Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of California at Santa Barbara
Blenheim Palace, UK

Graham will be asking Was Winston Churchill a Nuclear Visionary? at the celebrations of Churchill’s life at his birthplace, as part of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust’s Fellows’ Day programme.

Niels Bohr Archive, Copenhagen

Graham will be talking to about Churchill, his scientists and the Bomb in an event organised in collaboration with the Niels Bohr Academy.