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Max Planck letter to Hitler discovered

A remarkable letter, written in October 1944 to Hitler by Max Planck, has recently come to light and been passed to Graham. In the note, the discoverer of the energy quantum pleads for the life of his son Erwin, who was involved in the attempted to kill Hitler three months before. Max Planck had already lost his eldest son, who was killed in the Battle of Verdun, during World War I.

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Max Planck


The Dirac family – by a friendly neighbour in Cambridge

New insights into the extraordinary Dirac family emerge in a remarkable letter by Rosemary McGregor-Wood, who lived directly opposite them in Cavendish Avenue.

Dirac Family 1949

Dirac family in c. 1946

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Was Churchill a Nuclear Visionary?

In Churchill’s last great speech in the House of Commons, on 1 March 1955, he claimed he had ‘tried to follow and even predict’ applications of nuclear science. In Graham’s first blog for the Huffington Post, he asks whether Churchill really was a nuclear visionary
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