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‘Churchill’s Bomb’ shortlisted for ‘Physics World’s’ Book of the Year

Graham’s biography of Paul Dirac, The Strangest Man, was Physics World’s Book of the Year in 2009. Now Churchill’s Bomb has been short-listed for the same honour.


Physics World

‘Churchill’s Bomb’ published in Canada

Graham’s new book, now available in Canada has been warmly reviewed in Maclean’s Magazine

Churchill's Bomb Cover

Graham interviews Nima Arkani-Hamed about the future of fundamental physics

At the Science Museum’s Dana Centre on 14 November, Graham talked with Nima Arkani-Hamed – a theoretical physicist at the Institute for Advance Study, Princeton – about where fundamental physics might be heading in the next few decades.

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Nima answers questions

Nima answers questions

Art and science

Under the auspices of the Science Museum, London, Graham brought together the novelist Ian McEwan and the theoretical physicist Nima Arkani-Hamed for a discussion about the relationships between the arts and sciences.

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Arts and Science Talk

Bristol, UK

Talk ‘Churchill, his nuclear scientists and the Bomb’ at the University of Bristol’s Physics Department. More Information

Athenaeum Club, London

‘Churchill and the Bomb’ – talk at a dinner (private event) Athenaeum Club, London

‘Serving the Reich’ reviewed

In today’s Guardian, Graham reviews Philip Ball’s impressive new study of the physicists – including Planck, Heisenberg and Debye – who served under the Reich.

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Serving The Reich